Adverse Event Reporting

VAERS ID 1076869
Gender Male
Age 53
StateCode NY
Pharmaceutical Company JANSSEN
Lot Number 1805022
Number of vaccinations 1
Vaccinated 2021-03-05
Onset 2021-03-05
  • Chest pain
  • Troponin
  • Electrocardiogram change

Current Illness

Patient was admitted to the hospital on 2/27/2021 with increased fatigue, memory issues, weakness, hallucinations and expressive aphasia occurring intermittently for 2 weeks.

Preexisting Conditions

anxiety depression Chronic back pain obesity seizure

Other Medications

Aspirin Sinemet lovenox Keppra Melatonin

Previous Vaccinations


Aspirin (Bayer Brand) Penicillian Wellbutrin

Laboratory Data

3/5/2021 EKG, troponin, cardiology consult.
Patient was due to be discharge home on 3/5/2021.
Patient remains admitted to complete chest pain workup.


patient c/o chest pain with EKG changes 90 min.
after vaccine administered.